A Knight's Victory

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A Knight's Victory

The Rules of Chivalry, #2

Romance and intrigue abound in this entertaining read from Eliza Knight. A Knight's Victory is my second story from Ms. Knight, and I have enjoyed her work in each one. The quality of writing was impressive, and I dare to say that she is fast becoming a favorite author for me. This story was very creative, with engaging characters that pulled me into the story and wouldn't let go. Ever the champion of the underdog, I somehow knew I'd love this tale of star crossed love. As the treachery and deceit grew thicker, I found myself on pins and needles, waiting to see if these two childhood sweethearts would ever get a break.

The story begins in Ireland, when the young sweethearts are forced apart. Their courtship cut short when Elena's father forces her to marry a brutal English Lord. Years later, Michael gets an SOS from Elena and rushes to England where he quickly wins a place as captain the guard for Elena's brutish husband. The two resume their relationship and so begins a torrid affair between the lovers. They're not very sneaky about it either, and obviously several people discover their trysts. Many attempts are made on Elena's life. The girl can't even turn around without somebody trying to take her out.

The story was well written, and I liked the Michael and Elena so much. Elena pulled at my heartstrings for all that she had been through. And she seemed to finally come into her own when she took charge after Michael arrived on the scene. And all those attempted hits sure made her a sympathetic heroine, that's for sure. I admired the loyalty that Michael gave to Elena, even though he usually wasn't the one to do the saving.

I enjoy a story with lots of intrigue, and this one definitely was not short on that. If anything, I felt that there may have been too much of a good thing. I felt that the writer could have spent more time on character development, and less time putting so many hits on the heroine.

A Knight's Victory was an engaging story, and one that I enjoyed. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Book Blurb for A Knight's Victory

A knight's victory will be the lady's undoing...

Sir Michael Devereux has fallen for his childhood friend, Lady Elena. In return she has also given him her heart. However their love is not to be. Lady Elena is whisked from their homeland of Wexford, Ireland to marry the malicious Earl of Kent in England.

Suffering greatly Elena pleas for Michael to come and be her savior. At long last an opportunity arises in the form of a tournament. Winner becomes Kent's Captain of the Guard—and closer to the Lady Elena.

But with victory comes tragedy… When stealing kisses in the dark leads to something more, and the sinister ambitions of people in their midst threatens their safety, Michael and Elena will have to make a choice. That choice could mean life or death and has them asking, does love really conquer all?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00