Under a Blood Moon

Under a Blood Moon is my first book by Rachel Graves. She did a wonderful job of getting me to want to know more of her story. Rachel's writing was original and very descriptive. She did an extraordinary job of building her time and location. She had no troubles drawing me into her world of Bokors (Vodou sorcerer) and Zombies.

I did feel as though the story-line was too slow through most of the book. This, however, did not prevent me from reading and enjoying “Under a Blood Moon.”

The three main characters were Mallory, Danny her partner and Jakob her boyfriend. I really enjoyed the bantering between Mallory and Jakob. They both have a streak of snark running through their conversations that kept the story-line lively and real. They also spent the very limited time they had together setting the sheets a fire, as Jakob was a vampire.

Mallory and Danny were on a case to find out who was creating zombies as Mallory was the only death witch know of beside a broker who could raise the dead. So Mallory and Danny were chasing down all the zombies they could find and sending them back to dirt.

The secondary charters were well developed and I enjoyed them immensely.

Rakash an Indian immigrant who had the first couple of zombies show up at his store to destroy it as a warning that Rakash should have bought protection. This was happening throughout the community.

My favorite character was Indigo Varas, chocolatier extraordinaire and a were-jaguar. Indigo was very helpful to Mallory and Danny in this case. Along with his chocolates being a huge help to Mallory's physical depletion when she used her witch magic.

Madame Marie was secretly working with a couple of were wolves to try and bring down Mallory along with using her zombies. When Mallory and Danny caught up with Madame Marie she tried to kill the with zombie hands coming at them from every direction.

The conflict throughout the story line was a constant and kept me moving forward. I will be reading more from Rachel Graves.

Pick up a copy of “Under a Blood Moon” it's an awesome book with so much more to the story. You will enjoy it.

Book Blurb for Under a Blood Moon

Mallory Mors, death witch and detective with Baton Rouge’s Supernatural Investigative Unit, controls every aspect of death; she can even touch a dead body and know how it died. When she’s called to the scene of the city’s first zombie attack, her magic leads her to a voodoo queen who claims to be controlled by werewolves.

The Werewolf Protection League, a political organization fighting for werewolf rights, insists they have nothing to do with the killings. As the kidnappings and murders continue, everyone becomes a suspect. Aided by her boyfriend, a six hundred year old vampire, and all the supernatural citizens of her city, Mallory fights to close a case that may claim her life.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00