The Dragon's Dilemma

Lochguard Highland Dragons Book 1

"The Dragon Dilemma" is my first book by Jessie Donovan. I was quite impressed with her writing style. Jessie had me hooked by the third paragraph. Within the first three paragraphs I was pulled into the world, where Holly Anderson knew what she had to do and the extreme risk to her life.

Jessie was able to build her story line within the specific time frame for the characters, her story-line and plot. It was smooth and easy to get pulled into the world of "Lochguard" the Scottish Dragon-Shifter Clan.

There was an easy flow to the story-line; the layers Jessie built as the story progressed came with the smooth transitions.

Jessie built wonderful characters that were in keeping with the arrogance and protectiveness of dragons. They had unique personalities which played quite well into the story.

My favorite character would have to be Holly. A strong female character who gave herself for a six-month program to sleep with dragon and conceive a dragon-shifter child. She gave herself so that she would receive a vile of dragon blood to sell for the continued treatment for her father. Holly refused to be afraid of the dragon. She didn't let them run her over and she was quite snaky with them.

What I loved was most about the story was the immediate connection between Holly and Fraser MacKenzie. Fraser has so much charm and always flirts with all the ladies. While flirting with Holly she gave as good as she got. The attraction was instant they were true mates. Only she was under contract to mate with Furgus, Fraser's twin brother.

During the first family dinner Fraser pinned Holly upstairs because he was unable to control his dragon and could' keep him from taking over control of Fraser's mind and body. His dragon was in a full mating frenzy. All hell broke loose between the clan leader Finn and Fraser because he hadn't told Finn the Holly was his true mate. Furgus ran upstairs and yelled at Fraser and tried to fight him until Finn told Furgus that Holly was his twin brothers' true mate. Furgus took off.

Holly and Fraser went through a two week mating frenzy and Holly became pregnant. When they came back out into the family Finn told Holly that her father wasn't doing well and he had arranged for her to go to Aberdeen to see him. They left immediately with two protectors.

On their way to Aberdeen one of the protectors noticed they had a tail. They pulled a fast move and Holly and Fraser took off while the protectors turned and faced the ones following them. A dragon flying over them found Holly and Fraser told her to run while he shifted and fought with the dragon.

Holly ran until she found what looked like safety. A park with a copes of trees she hid in, but when she stuck her head out the dragon saw her and began to chase her. Suddenly the dragon grabbed her with its claws and took her quite high in the sky and then just let her drop.

This book has more love and war but you'll need to read the book and it is truly an amazing story.

Happy Reading.

Debi King

Book Blurb for The Dragon's Dilemma

In order to pay for her father’s life-saving cancer treatment, Holly Anderson offers herself up as a sacrifice and sells the vial of dragon’s blood. In return, she will try to bear a Scottish dragon-shifter a child. While the dragonman assigned to her is kind, Holly can’t stop looking at his twin brother. It’s going to take everything she has to sleep with her assigned dragonman. If she breaks the sacrifice contract and follows her heart, she’ll go to jail and not be able to take care of her father.

Even though he’s not ready to settle down, Fraser MacKenzie supports his twin brother’s choice to take a female sacrifice to help repopulate the clan. Yet as Fraser gets to know the lass, his dragon starts demanding something he can’t have—his brother’s sacrifice.

Holly and Fraser fight the pull between them, but one nearly stolen kiss will change everything. Will they risk breaking the law and betraying Fraser’s twin? Or, will they find a way out of the sacrifice contract and live their own happily ever after?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00