Wild Side

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Wild Side

Wild Side is definitely a wild ride. The story captured my attention from the start. The concept of a Lycanthropic Society formed to weed out new members was fascinating. Lori and Tina were in for earth shattering surprises while trying to join it. How will they react when faced with the truth?

I was not disappointed by the unique storyline but wanted to read more. I couldn't resist a story about an alpha werewolf, Dominick, with plans for a naive Lori. Lori's inner strength was put to the test by her new friends. She finds her wild side with long lasting side effects.

What other danger does Lori face? She needs to remain strong to face her uncertain future. Things at the Lycanthropic Society are not what they seem. Angelique and Lori both want Dominick, but Angelique's rivalry causes unpleasant turns. Who will survive this or win a mate?

I loved the book, and it gets 4.5 stars (Top Pick) from me! Be ready for a wild and adventurous story. The steamy scenes, sexual tension, and the chemistry between Dominick and Lori was hot. The story was well-written and characters' dialogues immersed the reader in a good escape read. The setting was realistic. The story had everything you could possibly want. I highly recommend this author and book.


Book Blurb for Wild Side

Lori has a plan … join the club, get close to Dominick, enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors. What could be easier? But there’s something a bit different about the Lycanthropic Society, and Lori’s about to find out just how different! Join Lori on her quest for love and adventure in Wild Side, the exciting paranormal romance from author Laurel Richards.

What if becoming a werewolf was as simple as joining a club? Lori has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she and her friend Tina try to join the Lycanthropic Society. She thinks she is applying for membership in an outdoor group, although she really just wants to get close to Dominick. He’s the sexy guy whose family runs the Society, and he seems to know things about her instinctively. Lori is even willing to go up against Angelique, her competition for Dominick’s affection. But can she handle a man whose love bite draws blood? And what does he mean his nipping her was her initiation?

Content Notes: Spicy, Exhibitionism, Graphic Violence, Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves, Contemporary

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50