Wild After Dark

Wild After Dark

This collection is definitely filled with wild adventures to be had. The novellas are well paced, spicy and exciting to read. Read the stories and take a trip on the wild side be Wild After Dark. These stories are not for the faint of heart, but for those individuals that like paranormal romance with a bit more bite. These women are not afraid to love their men. These stories have multiple partners with an HEA ending. Dare to read Wild After Dark and be pleasantly amazed.

*** Beyond the Poison Chalice by Helena Maeve

Reading it was an absolute adventure. The author spins an amazing tale that doesn't disappoint. Read to find out what creative ways a female vampire, a male werewolf and a human male past the time.

Why does the human smell like vampire catnip or bait? What happens next if he gets bitten?

*** Steal Your Soul Away by Elizabeth Coldwell

Vampire Angelique is a stripper at Club Peekaboo. She is a survivor and only a couple of people know her secret nature. Will she be able to make a life with her human soulmate, Tom? What role does lycan Lucas play?

*** Taken In by Wendi Zwaduk

Human female, Kitty's life at the Store Front is due for some extreme changes. She yearns for her clients Vic and Gale. There has to be more to life for her. Read to find out what her guys have in store for her.

*** Intervention by Aurelia T. Evans

Things did not go as planned but they made the best of it. Read to find out how they remedied this chaotic situation. With spice, anything is possible to endure in the end.

*** Darker Nights by Nan Comargue

Lawyer Delia Darker gets more than a taste of what she always desires. Mark and Caleb will give her everything and more.

*** Sated by Lucy Felthouse

Aneesa, Ace and Barton are in for an amazing time. What a way to go!

Sated concludes this amazing collection. I'm up for whatever stories these talent authors spin in the future. The overall anthology deserves 5 stars!

Book Blurb for Wild After Dark

Wild After Dark by Helena Maeve, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Aurelia T. Evans, Nan Comargue, Lucy Felthouse

‘Beyond the Poison Chalice’ by Helena Maeve

Coveting the enemy is simply to die for.

‘Steal Your Soul Away’ by Elizabeth Coldwell

In Brighton, the undead come alive when the sun goes down. Can a vampire and a werewolf put their differences aside and join a human in the ultimate threesome?

‘Taken In’ by Wendi Zwaduk

Find what you need at the Store Front. Blood, sex…we have it all just for you.

‘Intervention’ by Aurelia T. Evans

It starts as an intervention for a friend, but it ends in bloodshed, lust, betrayal and death…as love often does after dark.

‘Darker Nights’ by Nan Comargue

Lawyer Delia Darker’s world becomes very dark when two new clients turn out to be immortal vampires—and her long-time fantasy.

‘Sated’ by Lucy Felthouse

A human, a vampire and a werewolf walked into a bar. Sexy is what happens next.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00