Warlock Unbound

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Warlock Unbound

Heart’s Desire, Book 4

Wow! Dana Marie Bell really outdid herself in this novel and I wasn't disappointed.

Bad luck hit the fan for Kerry Andrews when Daniel Beckett did a mate spell. The spell triggered someone else hidden, and most of it wasn't good. Even before the mate spell, Kerry never lost hope that she was Daniel's mate. Will Kerry make it to Daniel in time or one piece? Who is warlock unbound?

Arthur Godwin was up to something very bad. Will the Becketts stop him in time?

I wanted to find out what would happen next as the author pulled me into this tale. I got caught up in the original storyline. The story flowed well throughout the story and there was enough conflict in the novel to keep my interest. Readers are in for steamy scenes, romance, action, drama, and enough suspense to keep them interested. I liked the flow of the story and how realistic the setting was. I could imagine myself in front of the council or when Kerry got her wolf.

I give 4.5 stars to Warlock Unbound, Hearts Desire Series, Book 4 (Samhain Publishing) by Dana Marie Bell. I look forward to reading more of Dana’s books. I highly recommend her as an author. I will buy books from her in the future.

Warlock Unbound was awesome!!!


Book Blurb for Warlock Unbound

The last Beckett brother is going down.

If he had a choice, Daniel Beckett would wait to cast the Beckett family mating spell until his life is more settled. But his brothers, worried he’s losing himself to his wolf, aren’t giving it to him.

Daniel doesn’t need a spell to know Kerry Andrews is his mate. With the last of the Godwin warlocks still on the loose, Daniel crosses his fingers that the willful, stubborn, beautiful woman will allow him to protect her.

Kerry is tempted to make Daniel wait, like he’s made her wait for so long. But the decision is taken out of her hands when things start going horribly wrong. A sleeper hex is activated, putting her life in danger—and the only safe place to run is Daniel’s waiting arms.

Once there, Kerry finds a whole new world to explore with her magical mate. But Arthur Godwin is plotting to rip away their newfound happiness. Women who look like Kerry are turning up dead…and it’s only a matter of time before the killer’s weapon hits its intended prey.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a growly wizard and the woman who loves him.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50