Undercover Bear: Gavin

Gavin, Undercover Bear Series, Book 2 by Terra Wolf & Meredith Clarke is a wrap! It's part of a series but can be read standalone. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked on these authors! I want more books by them! I can't wait to read the next one coming out in March 2016 titled Undercover Bear: Grady.

My interest was caught quickly and I was not distracted. Tasha and Gavin's story was amazing, their chemistry sizzled. Readers expect to be amazed with romance, suspense and drama. Tasha and Gavin make a spicy combination. The story flowed seamlessly. The storyline and dialogue added to the spinning of this amazing story.

Tasha Marconi’s, tiger shifter, life is on the line. She's not used to relying on others especially the police. Will she be able to evade her enemies and avoid recapture?

Detective Gavin, bear shifter, has a captivating Tasha in protective custody. Where will this lead? Will both shifters go beyond burning the sheets and find more?

Read and discover Gavin and Tasha's HEA. This one's a winner!

Book Blurb for Undercover Bear: Gavin

As part of an undercover shifter unit in an elite sector of Seattle's police department, Gavin has spent his life serving his city. No one is above the law, and he does whatever it takes to protect the innocent.

Tasha never thought she'd escape the horror of being captured by Purest Inc, but after being rescued she's now under the protection of a bear shifter. Only, it feels more like she's lost her freedom again.

Gavin's assignment is to keep the tiger shifter safe until she is called to testify against the organization who kidnapped her. But his strength is tested. His bear is challenged. And his heart is vulnerable as he and Tasha wait out the trial together.

Gavin struggles to keep Tasha safe, while fighting against feelings that are too hard to resist.

This is a STANDALONE shifter romance with a HEA and NO Cliffhanger.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 5.00