Torkel's Chosen

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Torkel's Chosen

A World Beyond, #1

Faith Reid from Earth has held secrets and lies from her extraterrestrial newlywed husband. Several factors will lead to her downfall including but not limited to pride, fears and miscommunication. She is a naive victim of making a bad deal. Will she keep her faith, love, and hope in Torkel?

Romance across the stars is an adventure to be had. In the bedroom, they rocked!

Danger is approaching. Beware of strangers making shady deals. Other evil and deadly enemies are near. What other schemes are contemplated by their enemies? Faith is in desperate need of rescuing. Read to find out why.

Torkel Alonson, alien humanoid adopted by Enotians. Finally, gets his bride, Faith Reid. You'll need these factors for wedded bliss to occur: faith, love, hope, caring, respect, honesty, communication, intimacy and romance. Will he stay steadfast or ever lose faith in Faith? Will he be the man she needs when it counts?

Overall, I liked the book. It’s a full-size novel at 257 pages. This book deals with some darker issues in some characters. Be warned that this story includes physical abuse, slavery, kidnapping, blackmail and more.

Torkel, I wished for a stronger male role model not easily swayed by others. He dragged his feet. His bride was in desperate need of rescuing. For Faith, he was the embodiment of her future and a chance to have a family and kids. Some dreams don't deserve to die but prevail. Read about second chances and true love triumphing over bad decisions. Love endures between Torkel and Faith! Yeah!

My overall score is 4 stars.

Book Blurb for Torkel's Chosen

What would you do if Earth didn’t have enough men?

Would you take a chance and leave the only world you knew behind?

This is the decision Faith Reid faces. Placing all her hope in a new government program, she seizes the opportunity that offers a chance for the women of Earth to find love among the stars, on a world beyond the one they know.

How many times can one man risk rejection?

Would you give up on your dreams?

Torkel Alonson has had enough of being ignored and looked over by females on his adopted home world of Enotia. His pride has suffered and he must accept the painful truth. Females will never choose a male with his evil lineage despite his honorable service to his government’s military.

Can two people looking for the same thing find not just what they want but what they need in one another?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00