The Cougar's Wish

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The Cougar's Wish

Desert Guards, #4

Sexy, human Steven Welch is definitely the guy you want at your side. He'll make anyone a great fated mate. Will he claim his mate or run?

Steven and were-cougar Belle Foye's family tries to saves her from the hellmouth on numerous occasions. Her family doesn't understand her motivation to go there. What or who drives her?

There are some things on earth that are easier explained in hell. Read to find out what's calling for help. You're in for a surprise!

The Cougar's Wish, Desert Guards Series, Book 4 by Holley Trent is part of a series but it can be read standalone. Readers expect to be amazed with romance, action, suspense and drama. This 299 paged long story rocked! For a long story, she did a great job weaving the plot and it makes sense. I found this novel to be an entertaining read. The story was great and the characters' dialogues enhanced the story. The settings was realistic. I liked how the main characters relationship developed into a romantic relationship.

It gets 4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for The Cougar's Wish

A desperate entity trapped on the other side of an active hellmouth pleads for were-cougar Belle Foye's help, and she can't stop herself from running toward it, even though it means putting her own life in danger. As if that weren't bad enough, Belle is currently in heat, which means her body is acting in all sorts of ways her brain wished it wouldn't - particularly when it comes to her new babysitter.

Former soldier Steven Welch has been tasked with keeping Belle away from the hellmouth at all costs. It's just his luck her inner cat has taken a shine to his human self. Not only is Belle a bit young in his world-weary opinion, but sticking close to her means he has no choice but to confront a fear of the supernatural he'd hoped he left in the Afghan desert.

When the pair learns Steven could solve Belle's problem and rescue the mysterious soul calling to her, their differences collide. Steven insists he's no hero, while Belle wants to enter the hellmouth and end the trouble it's brought on her family once and for all. Will Steven's fears and stubbornness cause Belle to lose her fated mate and the one man she's ever trusted enough to call "partner"?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50