Tangling with the Tiger

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Tangling with the Tiger

Lone Pine Pride, #5

I’m giving this book 4.5 stars!

Dominec Giroux (Siberian tiger-shifter) has been through hell and back. His mate and son were killed, and he was captured. The Organization did cruel experiments on him until he escaped. Others at Lone Pine Pride might think he's a psychopath, and in need of being handled or worse. Does revenge drive him? Will this broken tiger-shifter be able to find his balance or happiness? Dominec was unwilling to risk his heart again because he thought it was a weaknesses that could be exploited. Will he wake up and realize having a mate is worth it?

Grace Calaveras (werelionese) is our heroine. Why does Dominec need to be near her? She wasn't looking for a mate or thoughts of the future. Other shifters, now want her too. Who will she choose? Sometimes life hands you happiness in the least likely places.

The Organization's claws are everywhere. Why are they experimenting on the supernatural? Some of their experiments have proven deadly. The Lone Pine Pride and others need to protect their dwindling numbers. Read the story about their proposed solutions.

I finished reading Tangling with the Tiger with happy thoughts. Vivi Andrews did a great job writing this novel. I found it awesome, fun, steamy, suspenseful, and exciting to read. I was caught up in the fascinating and truly original storyline, romance, action, and drama. I was never bored. The story was great and characters' dialogues were good. The story was well paced and the setting was realistic. I could imagine them rescuing supernatural’s from the Organization's facility and Grace and Dominec’s first kiss. This story does have an HEA. I highly recommend Tangling with the Tiger, Lone Pine Pride Series Vivi Andrews.


Book Blurb for Tangling with the Tiger

It might be love. If they don’t kill each other first.

Siberian tiger-shifter Dominec Giroux doesn’t play well with others. Horribly scarred by the Organization scientists who killed his family and tried to turn him into their pet assassin, his sanity has been hanging by a thread ever since his escape.

His one reason for living—revenge. But when he snaps during one of the shifters’ strikes against the Organization and goes on a killing spree, it doesn’t go over so well with his pride mates.

As the only female lieutenant in Lone Pine Pride history, Grace Calaveras has a lot to prove, and a lot on her plate. The last thing she needs to deal with is Dominec’s brand of crazy, but until she can get him under control, she’s his babysitter.

It would take a miracle for these two to find common ground, but when they’re sent on a mission that could impact the future of every shifter in the world, lioness and tiger form an uneasy alliance…and unleash an attraction that could be their salvation. If it doesn’t destroy them both.

Warning: This book contains a scarred, brooding tiger with an unconventional approach to romance, a feisty, flirty lioness who doesn’t know how to quit, love triangles, secret missions, and rooftop kisses hot enough to melt the Montana snow.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50