A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

“Taken”, #2: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance by Kim Faulks and Michelle gets 5 stars. This collaboration between these two authors is definitely worth the wait. “Taken” is the finale, second book after “Bitten” with Nova Flynn and vampire enforcer Kol as main characters. I was definitely thrilled to be able to read their conclusion story.

The choices that Nova and Kol made have led them down a very dangerous path. In this case, the past has come back to bite them in spades. Will their love be enough pave the way for them?

Beware! Danger has come for Nova. What does Devlin Holland’s brothers have in store for her? How many ways can retribution be delivered?

Read to discover “Taken”. Be thrilled!

Readers expect to be amazed with this action filled paranormal romance. The drama ratchets up and pulls you into delving deeper into the story. The chemistry between Nova and Kol is intensely spicy. This entertaining story was well-plotted out. You won’t get stuck with cliffhanger. This novella is the complete deal. Be prepared for the HEA and wanting more books set in the world.

I found my new addiction in “Taken”. Michelle Fox’s new series is definitely worth reading. This novel is a wonderful adrenaline rush. Be prepared to be consumed by the story. I’ve placed this on my 5 Star Top Pick list and I think you will too!

Book Blurb for Taken

Will love finally win when the Holland family seeks revenge? ?Don’t miss this heart-pounding finale to Nova and Kol’s story.

??I was sold, and then saved. My life as a Blood Courtesan was over before it began. But my horrors continue to haunt me in the secrets Kol keeps.

??Devlin Holland’s brothers have come for one thing—retribution. And they’ll stop at nothing to see Kol fall to his knees.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00