Stone Bear: Guardian

Stone Bears Book 3

Guardian deserves 4.5 stars and a WOW.

Raphael is a Stone Bear shifter from Genesis Valley. He has his own exciting story to be told. His hidden depths emerge and are put to a test. Karlie is the heroine of this tale. Don't underestimate her! She's a lot smarter and resourceful than she looks. Read to find out what her role is in this story.

Beware! Danger and intrigue are second nature to the story. Read to find out how they survive.

I finished reading Guardian, Stone Bears Series, Book 3 with happiness. Amelia Jade did a great job weaving this story. I found it to be a fun and exciting to read and was truly caught up in the original storyline. Readers ret a ton of romance, suspense and drama with this story. The characters' dialogues enhanced the story and you get a very realistic setting. I could imagine Raphael and Karlie meeting for the first time and their true mate bond. The chemistry between Raphael and Karlie was intense and hot. Read to find out how Raphael handles danger and kissing Karlie. You will be rooting for an HEA.

I finished the story quickly. Guardian, Stone Bears Series, Book 3 is a spin-off from the Jade Crew Series. I was able to revisit previous characters from the Jade Crew Series and meet new ones. I liked how all the characters and storylines fit together in a nicely woven tale. I always enjoy reading unique books from Amelia Jade. There was never a dull moment while reading this story.

Book Blurb for Stone Bear: Guardian

When the oldest dragon shifter in the world needed someone to rescue his granddaughter, bear shifter Raphael stood up and volunteered. He was sure it was a fool’s quest. She had been kidnapped months ago, and it was unlikely she was still alive. By the end of it, he may end up the same. That doesn't stop him from agreeing to go, however, for one simple reason: It’s the right thing to do. Besides, with things in Genesis Valley calm for the time being, all the other shifters were spending time with their mates.

Karlie, granddaughter of the dragon Ferrovax, has spent the past nine months in a prison. A fancy, country cottage-style prison, perhaps, but a cage nonetheless. There were no bars on the windows and no chains around her feet, but she knew that leaving was out of the question. The cadre of bear shifters who watched her every move prevented that.

When a handsome stranger appears at her window in the middle of one of the worst storms she's seen, Karlie has seconds to decide what to do. As alarm bells ring and guards come rushing, the stranger promises her safety and a way out of her prison. But she hasn't forgotten that blind trust was what got her into trouble in the first place.

This is a standalone novel with NO cliffhanger.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50