Snowbound With Her Christmas Bear

Wylde Den #4 / Alaskan Den Men Book 16

"Snowbound With Her Christmas Bear", Wylde Den #4 (Alaskan Den Men Christmas Special) by Talina Perkins gets 5 stars!

Sabine Kennedy and Tyrone “Rone” Wylde's encounter at the Rum Run is an interesting way to start the story. Sabine feels a pull to male werebear Rone. What does he feel? She needs to figure out her future before her time at Claw Ridge, Alaska runs out. What will the future bring for them? Will these mates be together or not?

Read the story and discover why “Snowbound With Her Christmas Bear" is not to be missed!

Author Talina Perkins brings readers romance, suspense and action in this PNR. This tale is a spicy and fun read. The story is well-plotted out and superbly entertaining. I was definitely pulled into this story.

Talina Perkins writes original storylines. I look forward to reading more stories in Talina's “Wylde Den” sub series of the “Alaska Den Men” collection. I’m also looking forward to more books in the “Alaskan Den Men” Collection. Each author writes in the same world, but the books stand-alone.

Reading this book was a great escape!

Book Blurb for Snowbound With Her Christmas Bear

This holiday season come and take a walk on the Wylde side! Rone and Sabine take us back to Claw Ridge in this full-length wintry escape to Alaska filled with questionable Alaskan traditions, family, and Christmas kisses!

No strings attached holiday vacation sex was just what the doctor ordered. While visiting over the holidays, no one prepared med student Sabine Kennedy for Christmas in Alaska. Mesmerized by endless miles of pristine snow, she's downright enchanted by the dark-haired homegrown men decorating the vast snowy landscape of Claw Ridge. Especially one Tyrone “Rone” Wylde. Nothing got a Southern girl's heart racing faster than an amber-eyed man with a voice that could strip panties off in a Christmas blizzard. He’s 100% werebear and she’s 200% willing to try new adventures as long as it’s purely physical.

Naked and challenged to the local winter tradition of the Rum Run within ten minutes of touching down, Sabine has two choices—freeze or get moving. Heat of the mating season was long over, but the second his brother's sister-in-law rolls up with a feisty attitude and enough sass to melt the polar icecaps, Rone is hit with the fever to claim. As the owner of the only bar and bakery in town, Rone also needed all the help he could get. It is a win-win in his book.

When a hidden force strikes out on Christmas Eve, the fun holiday times are over as the past tears away more than the spirit of Christmas. Dragons, black magick, and murder taint the deeply traditional town so many hold dear. Snowbound, Sabine is forced to face her fears head on and if Rone can’t find a way to chip away at her tough façade to find the soft heart he knows she guards, he’ll lose her forever.

A Paranormal werebear romance featuring a possessive alpha shifter and a woman learning to trust for the first time with the help of Christmas kisses.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 5.00