Space Gypsy Chronicles Book 2

I loved “Sinner” and will re-read it again! Be ready for an adventurous story. Sinner: Space Gypsy Chronicles, #2 gets 5 stars from me.

Eve Langlais’ teaser from "Pirate" had me craving this second book in her Space Gypsy Chronicles. I had to have it and I wasn't disappointed. She's a mastermind at spinning a tale. She’s also devious when it comes to planning and putting that perfect twist to a story. Readers will want Mikhail and Rafe.

Emma's a curvy gal who's been wondering where Rafe is. Will her curiosity get the better of her? Should she trust the ship's AI named Annabelle or not? What or who will she find?

Beware! Danger and adventure will be had. Will Rafe's secrets harm them in the long run?

Readers will want to find out if Oblivion will just remember his name.

Eve Langlais' description of Rafe and Mikhail is delicious! Rafe Abaddon is the humanized version of his name, which is Ra’fhai Aba’ddon. Rafe is a Rhomanii, space pirate, space gypsy, captain, lover and more. You'll need to read about Mikhail Aba’ddon's description in the story to find out more. Where do I order myself one or both? I'll even be willing to take one to go! It's time for readers to get your next book boyfriend.

Read this story and discover why “Sinner” is not to be missed!

It has all you can expect from a great story written by Eve Langlais. She writes with creativity, sarcastic wit, and with a good sense of humor. Don’t miss out on her dirty mind and convincing dialogue. Readers will wonder about the next scenario or where the sexual tension will lead them.

A great escape read is to be had within the pages of this book! This story embodies what readers look for. You are going to love this urban fantasy set in space. This is the second book in the series. Jump right in as Rafe and Emma resolve a conflict / situation.

This series is meant to be read in order, four full length books. This is not a standalone. Read the books in series order to get the big picture. The final conclusion will be found in book 4.

I'm looking forward to reading the next few books in the Space Gypsy Chronicles. Next up is “Rebel” in early 2017 and the final book “King” will be out in spring 2017.

So get right on reading the first book and you will want to read them all.

Book Blurb for Sinner

All he remembers is how to survive.

Waking up not knowing his name probably isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to him. I think. With no memories, he can’t know for sure, and while he chases the thin threads of recollection, he must fight for his life in Lac’uus.

Also known as the pit, Lac’uus is where those with vices come to play. Except he’s not one of the buyers. Sold to pay a debt, Oblivion must fight if he wants to survive and prove cunning if he wants to escape.

Or…he could just stay.

There is no denying the intoxicating adrenaline of the fights, the females offered as prizes alluring. And he might have been content with his lot in life if not for the new concubine who glares at him with such accusation.

The female, a human from Earth, acts as if she knows him. Responds with soft gasps to his touch. She claims they share an intimate past, a past he doesn’t remember but has certainly betrayed with his sins.

But he won’t apologize for what he’s done. The rules are different in the pit, and Oblivion does what he must to survive until the day his memories come smashing back and the sinner must face his past.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00