Silver Bullet Bear

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Silver Bullet Bear

The Agency Book 3

I highly recommend “Silver Bullet Bear" by Amelia Jade and it deserves 4.5 stars.

Werebear, Sentinel Josh Horne and Hannah Terrik may come from two different shifter breeds but that didn't put a stop to their mutual attraction. What secrets are hidden? Will they all feel the same later?

Beware! Danger to the shifters hasn't ended. Read to find out why danger seems to follow Josh and Hannah.

I finished reading “Silver Bullet Bear" by Amelia Jade and want more. I am constantly amazed at how the story flows, and her vivid imagination. She did another amazing job writing this story. I found it to be a fun and exciting read and was truly caught up in the original storyline. Readers get a romance with action, suspense and drama. The story was great and the characters' dialogues enhanced the story. Plus the setting was realistic.

The next book in this series is Kingpin Bear (The Agency Book 4) and it's already out. I can't wait to read about the upcoming final battle.

I love the book cover! Josh is scrumptious.

Book Blurb for Silver Bullet Bear

Things have been relatively peaceful lately for bear shifter Josh Horne, a member of the Sentinels, Genesis Valley’s elite protection squad. The Underground is in a tentative cease-fire with the Agency. So when he’s given orders from the very top to act as a bodyguard to someone coming to King City for a few days, he expects it to be a walk in the park.

Hannah Terrik isn’t in need of “babysitting,” as she puts it. She’s a big girl who can take care of herself—far more than anyone suspects. Traveling with her brother, who advocates for equal rights for shifters, she doesn’t realize just how dangerous that can be in King City. Nor does she count on her babysitter to be intelligent, polite, and breathtakingly handsome.

Josh quickly realizes there is more to the woman he can’t keep his eyes off of, though she won’t reveal her dark secret to him. Forced into close proximity to each other, he finds himself falling harder and harder for her. But when the fighting starts, with enemies both old and new closing in, her secret is revealed.

Can the bear shifter overcome everything he’s been taught about it, or will the revelation be more than he can handle?

This is a standalone novel, with NO cliffhanger.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50