Shifters in the Spring

Shifters in the Spring is a collection of a whopping sixteen stories. With that being said, I’m only going to review some of them. Some stories I will go more indepth about and others I’ll just give a score on.

The stories covered are: Stripe for Love by Anya Nowlan, Olivia Arran's Baby for the Bear, Leopard Print Love by J.M. Klaire, The Bearfield Baby Heist by Jacqueline Sweet, Daddy Bear (Part 1) by Edith Hawkes, The Alpha’s Curse by Scarlett Grove, Something Weasel This Way Comes by Cynthia Fox, The Alpha Warlocks’ Redemption by Auriella Skye, Forces of Nature by Gen Géricault, Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love - Ryzard by Ariana Hawkes.

---Stripe for Love by Anya Nowlan

It gets 5 stars! This heartwarming tale has a great HEA. This was just a great story and I would read books more from Anya Nowlan.

---Baby for the Bear by Olivia Arran

Sam and Corey are on the run. She doesn't want anything to do with her deadbeat ex-boyfriend. Will danger be sure to find her? What will the future bring?

What would you do if the man you're attracted to turns into a bear shifter? Would you stay with him or ditch him like yesterday's trash? Tyler Blackcliff, bear shifter, yearns for something more out of life. Sam Aspin felt the true mates pull for Tyler. Being a human female, she didn't understand the significance of the attraction. Will she and Corey stay at Blackcliff Farm?

The novella was fun and exciting to read. I was caught up in the original storyline. I finished reading it quickly. Readers are in for sexual tension and steamy scenes between Sam and Tyler. It was hot.

The dialogue was awesome. I was swept away by this imaginative tale. The story was well paced and the setting was realistic. I could imagine myself at the farm and Sam and Tyler's first kiss.

I gave this novella 5 stars! This paranormal shifter romance left me feeling happy after reading the ending.

You'll just have to read the novella to find out what happens next and you’re in for an HEA. I highly recommend this author. I would buy books from her in the future.

---Leopard Print Love by J.M. Klaire

J.M. Klaire writes an amazingly believable tale. I got caught up in the interesting, original storyline with romance, drama and action. I was not disappointed about the way it flowed. The pacing was good and was realistic. Characters come alive in her vivid storytelling.

About the story: She was lucky to get stranded on a deserted tropical island with sexy Wade. He more than rocked her world. They saved each other. This amazing family is growing.

J.M. Klaire writes consistently awesome tales. A great way to relax! It gets 5 stars!

---The Bearfield Baby Heist by Jacqueline Sweet

Matt & Mina are having a time of crisis. Mina has been kidnapped. In this tale, you will find out how family and friends pull together in a time of crisis.

Who is this new enemy? You'll have to read The Bearfield Baby Heist to make a discovery.

Readers expect to be amazed with romance, action, suspense and drama. This paranormal tale was a spicy and fun to read. The novel was well-plotted out, superb and entertaining. Jacqueline Sweet writes consistent entertaining stories that are original. I look forward to reading more decadent books from her and from this series.

I read it quickly. Don't miss out! It gets 5 stars!

---Daddy Bear (Part 1) by Edith Hawkes

It's not often that anyone gets a second chance with a different mate but it's rare. In this case, Theo may be able to get his second chance with Abby. Unless, danger has followed them too closely. Don't underestimate Daddy Bear Theo's protective instincts especially if his mate and cubs are involved. You get a HFN ending. This novella is just part of an overall story. I want more! I'm impatiently waiting for Part 2. Don't miss out! This is one hot read! It gets 4.5 stars!

---The Alpha’s Curse by Scarlett Grove

It gets 5 stars!

---Something Weasel This Way Comes by Cynthia Fox

It gets 5 stars! A very unique story, and humorous at times. Don't miss out!

---The Alpha Warlocks’ Redemption by Auriella Skye

It gets 4.5 stars!

---Forces of Nature by Gen Géricault

This very unique story gets five stars. It’s just wonderful and a great find. These true mates got separated by forces beyond their control. In the end, they get their HEA and an adorable son. Read to discover the wonders behind Forces of Nature.

---Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love - Ryzard by Ariana Hawkes

No one ever said that the road to love was smooth. But in the end the h/h managed to fix everything to get their HEA. It gets 4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for Shifters in the Spring

Sixteen New Paranormal Romances of Secret Babies, Frisky Shifters, and Fertile Surprises

Spring is in the air and these sexy shifters are on the prowl! From passionate tiger shifters with secret babies, to possessive bears desperate to rescue their mates, to a leopard shifter ready for a second chance at romance, to dragons with secret pregnancies—these books have it all and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00