Big Sky County Book 6

The story starts off as a contemporary romance when Katy borrows a journal from Cash. While she reads Gracie Atkinson's journal the reader is transported into the past of Grantsville town (year 1872), a historical western story emerges.

Gracie made a trip out west, but it was dangerous. She was the sole survivor of her expedition. Her desire to survive shows true grit. This made her wealthy and notorious in her new surroundings. Ryan Doyle and Gracie Atkinson's get together in this historical romance.

The contemporary romance of Katy and Cash is also great.

In both stories the characters were believable and their dialogue was spot on. The pacing was right and everything seemed realistic. This story had everything a reader could want. It deserves 4.5 Stars!

Readers are in for two romance stories. One ends in an HEA and the other a HFN (Happy For Now). You will have to read this book to see which couple gets the HEA and which the HFN.

Book Blurb for Ryan

Gracie Atkinson and her father planned a new beginning out West but when the coach they’re traveling on loses a wheel causing it to roll down into a ravine, she soon learns her father is dead and that she’s the sole survivor of the tragedy. Her only hope is to walk to the nearest town.

Ryan Doyle’s a man with a past but he’s now the sheriff of Grantsville. One night while riding his horse into the nearby canyon he finds a young woman clinging to life. He knows one place where she can recuperate. Maggie McGuire runs the town’s whorehouse but Ryan knows Gracie will be save in her care.

The plan is simple but what he doesn’t count on is falling for Gracie. There’s one problem—he’s too old for her and he was committed a terrible act.

Gracie has her heart set on the sheriff and with the help of Maggie and her girls she’ll find a way to get him to rethink his old fashioned ideas.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50