Ruled by the Moon

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Ruled by the Moon

Nocturne Book 1

What would you do if the man you're attracted to turns into a werewolf? Would you continue to be with him or ditch him like a hot potato? Morgan (psychic, divorced, veterinarian) went full throttle for Dylan (non-bitten werewolf, antique dealer) despite his secrets. Will she have patience for dating or mating a werewolf?

The book was fun and exciting to read. I was caught up in the original storyline. It was so good and I was determined to finish reading it once I started. Readers are in for sexual tension and steamy scenes between Morgan and Dylan. It was hot.

The story in Ruled by the Moon was done well. The dialogues were awesome. I was swept away by this tale. The story was well paced and the setting was realistic. I could imagine myself in the town of Nocturne or running with the Howlers Pack in Bethany.

Questions will be asked and answered. Why is the Alpha Vincent of the Howlers Pack determined to get Dylan to join? Will Morgan be able to help? Who is after Morgan private research? Why are the shifters having problems?

I gave this book 4.5 stars! Naomi Bellina is off to a good start in this series. I finished Ruled by the Moon, Nocturne Series, Book 1 by Naomi Bellina in one sitting. This book has 219 pages. You'll just have to read the novel to find out what happens next and you’re in for a different HEA. I highly recommend this author. I would buy books from her in the future.


Book Blurb for Ruled by the Moon

A psychic vet, a secretive werewolf, a menace stalking the shifters … welcome to Nocturne. Magic, mystery, and sizzling passion fill the pages of Ruled by the Moon, Book 1 of Naomi Bellina’s hot new paranormal series, Nocturne.

Dylan is a werewolf with a problem. He shifts at the new moon as well as the full moon. He was born a werewolf, not made like most shape-shifters. Due to these unique traits, he’s avoided joining a pack and has given up hope of having a normal life. Morgan is a veterinarian, ready to be on her own for a good long time after leaving a cheating, spineless husband. She has a plan for her life that doesn’t include a bossy, furry man.

Both are drawn to Nocturne, a town filled with magic due to a strong convergence of ley lines in the area. Morgan and Dylan recognize a connection when they meet, but neither one is looking for romance. After a harrowing encounter with a panther shape-shifter, they must combine forces and work together to uncover a menace that threatens the town. If they can learn to trust each other and let their guard down, they have a chance to solve the mystery and open the door to love.

Content Notes: Spicy, Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves, Suspense, Magic

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50