Rogue Male

A Highland Shifter Romance, #2

What extreme measures would you take to be a werewolf? Iain Logan betrayed Skye Parker in the worst possible way. He sold her out to Jonathan Carr (obsessed, eccentric millionaire) who is up to no good again. She cared deeply for Iain. How could he betray her like that? Will she ever forgive him? Will he be able to save her in the end?

Beware! Evil and Jonathan Carr go hand in hand. Iain just can't see Jonathan for being a smooth operator with a secret agenda. What are Jonathan’s nefarious plans? What's wrong or different about Iain?

Rogue Male was fascinating to read. The story was innovative, gripping and well-written. Readers are in for romance, action, drama, and enough suspense to keep them interested. The story hooked me in from the very start. I was determined to finish it. The dynamic dialogues shown me a greater understanding of the human psyche. I liked how realistic the setting is. I could imagine myself in Calder Arms for a drink or Skye trying to reason with Iain in his wolf form.

I had fun revisiting previous characters from Last Alpha. It isn’t necessary to read it in order to understand this story, Rogue Male. This standalone is part of a series but deals with two new main characters, Iain Logan and Skye Parker's paranormal romance. Rogue Male does have an HEA (happily ever after) and the story was very entertaining.

This is a Highland Shifter Romance. Be warned that the story is not a short read. It’s over 300 pages of great storytelling. I highly recommend Ruby Fielding’s stories.

I give 4.5 stars and a Top Pick to Rogue Male!

Book Blurb for Rogue Male

She'd always known he was a bit of a rogue, but what if it was worse than that? So much worse...Skye Parker wasn't that girl. She never had been. The one who chases love. The one who puts romance ahead of everything else. The one who would travel the length of the country in response to a throwaway online comment and a whole lot of wishful thinking.

Until now.

Iain Logan is most definitely that boy. The wild one. 'Trouble' is not so much his middle name as something engraved on his heart. He's a young man with secrets, too. Secrets that make him hold everything at a distance, even the girl who might just be the love of his life.

When Iain finds evidence that wolves are running wild near his Scottish Highlands home after an absence of close to three centuries it's a chance to prove himself - if only he can get people to believe him. But as old friends rebuff him and the dark truth unfolds, Iain has some tough choices to make. Choices with life-changing consequences.

It would be madness for Skye to fall for him. Dangerous. But sometimes madness is the most sensible thing of all.

Rogue Male: a gripping paranormal romantic thriller from the author of Last Alpha.

[This novel features the same setting and some of the same characters as Last Alpha, but can be read as a standalone novel.]

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50