Red Velvet Moon

Lucky in Red

Werewolf Anthony "Tony" Lobos and Daphne Raine have not acted on their mutual attraction. She is a customer at his family's dry cleaners. What will be their breaking point?

Read to find out what drove Tony over the edge. Read the story to discover if they have a happily ever after, and how the story wraps up. This story is sure to make you smile.

“Red Velvet Moon” is a fun read. The steamy scenes, sexual tension, and the chemistry between Tony and Daphne are spicy. The story is well-written and the character dialogues immerse the reader in a good escape read. I liked how the author made the characters come alive. The pacing was right and the setting was very realistic. Theodora Lane sure delivers her original style in this story. It deserves 4 Stars!

Book Blurb for Red Velvet Moon

Anthony Lobos is the youngest of three brothers, all of whom are werewolves. They work in their family’s dry cleaners and Anthony does the books. Both his brothers have found their mates, and the pressure is on Anthony. He has his heart set on one of their customers. She’s everything he lusts after; beautiful, round, and bursting with life. But he’s been too shy to ask her out.

Daphne Raine has everything she’d hoped for; a thriving restaurant business, a quaint house in a small town, but she’s lacking one thing. A husband. And not just any man--one who will accept her just as she is: big and beautiful. She’s been crushing on Anthony since she moved to the town of Sleeping Dog, but she’s never had any indication he would be interested in her.

When Daphne brings in a red velvet dress stained with blood, can Tony find out the truth about where the blood come from and if he does, will he have to turn his mate in to the police?

Publisher's Note: This book was previously published but has been reedited and revised for this edition.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00