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Blood Courtesans

I found my new addiction in Reborn. Michelle Fox’s new series is definitely worth reading. This novel is a wonderful adrenaline rush. Be prepared to be consumed by the story. I’ve placed this on my 5 Star Top Pick list and I think you will too!

Myra Danson is definitely down on her luck. She is faced with the dilemma of being homeless or becoming a vampire blood courtesan. Her future seems bleak. Sexy vampire Kristos Anastos is something she didn't expect. Will she be reborn in his care?

Once you meet Kristos you will know why this sexy vampire is perfection and a book boyfriend you don’t want to miss. Readers will want to be in Myra's shoes! Will Myra decide if her new life is worth it?

Beware! Danger has come for Myra. What type of future do her enemies have in store for her?

Readers expect to be amazed with this action filled paranormal romance. The drama ratchets up and pulls you into delving deeper into the story. The chemistry between Myra and Kristos is intensely spicy. This entertaining story was well-plotted out. You won’t get stuck with cliffhanger. This novella is the complete deal. Be prepared for the HEA and wanting more books set in the world.

Reborn: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance by Michelle Fox gets 5 stars from me.

This book stands alone. Multiple authors have taken on stories in this world, but each can be picked up in any order.

Book Blurb for Reborn

I have to sell myself to the vampires. I know it's not safe, but there's no other option. Not for the amount of money I need. It's either become a blood courtesan or watch my mom die while we lose the only home I've ever known.

So I leap before I look and soon I'm sharing a bed with vampire Kristos Anastos. He's hot, rich and his fangs hurt so good. The courtesan thing is better than I thought it would be...until bullets start to fly.

Kristos believes he's the target, but it soon becomes clear it's not him they're after. It's me. And if I want to live, I'd better figure out why.

I thought I was just a college student, a good kid raised by a single mom down on her luck, but I have secrets even I don't know about.

Blood is money and mine may be worth the most of all.

What readers say...

***Full length novel. No cliffhangers. Features a vampire who knows how to suck! Multiple books in the series all published and ready to read!***

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 5.00