More Than Mated

Grayslake: More Than Mated Book 6

This book Rocks! It gets 5 stars and a Top Pick!

These stories grip your imagination and drag you into an exotic paranormal world of shifters. You'll wish they were real. These sexy shifters change their lives and enrich them. Each couple are fortunate to find an HEA with their fated mates. Their journeys weren't easy, but were definitely worth it.

Take a chance and read all of their stories. Their compelling stories deserves to be told.

Don't miss out! This collection of stories is well thought out. All the stories are captivating, well-paced, and haves realistic settings. I was caught up in the fascinating paranormal tales, romance, action, suspense, and drama. The characters come alive with Celia Kyle’s vivid storytelling. Plus sometimes you get witty or humorous dialogues. Don't forget! Readers are in for steamy scenes and great chemistry between characters.

Celia Kyle writes consistently memorable and amazingly believable tales. It was tough to find a favorite because all the stories were compellingly entertaining.

Readers get all of these great tales: Grayslake: More Than Mated series: "No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It", "All Roar and No Bite", "Roaring Up the Wrong Tree", "Love at First Roar", and "Howl My Name". Each of these was previously released as a single story. All are by Celia Kyle and now have been put into a collection.

Book Blurb for More Than Mated

Even the growliest of men need love... All FIVE bestselling Grayslake: More Than Mated novels in one volume!

Follow these alpha males—and their luscious mates—from Grayslake and beyond. Where the Abrams brothers, friends, and occasionally enemies fight for their lives, their future, and their mates. These growly men don’t just find their perfect matches, they find love in the unlikeliest of places. That’s when they realize they’re not just mated, they’re in love… and they’ll battle to the death to keep it.

No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It - The beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

All Roar and No Bite - Who needs claws when you’ve got a baseball bat? Lauren Evans sure as heck doesn’t.

Roaring Up the Wrong Tree - What should Trista do when faced with a hunky werebear who can’t decide if he wants to kill her or screw her?

Love at First Roar - What happens when a half-blind weremole girl falls for a scarred werebear guy? A match made in furry, dirt-caked heaven. Mostly.

Howl My Name - Reid just killed her father. There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now… Dammit.

This book contains the following novels in the Grayslake: More Than Mated series: "No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It", "All Roar and No Bite", "Roaring Up the Wrong Tree", "Love at First Roar", and "Howl My Name." If you already own these books, please do not purchase this title.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00