Moon's Law

New Moon Wolves, #2

Wow! I found Moon's Law (New Moon Pack Series, Book 2, Bite of the Moon Collection) by Michelle Fox to be just awesome. It was spicy and entertaining read. While reading the book, I was eagerly hanging on trying to find out what would happen next. Fox really delivers her unique storytelling with dynamic dialogues for the characters.

The main characters are Charlotte Wills and Kane Martin (Sheriff of Glen Vine, Michigan). They were both bitten by Nick and are made werewolves. There are others bitten too and this secret needs to be kept from outsiders otherwise there are dangerous consequences. The bitten werewolves will have to come to terms with their dual nature. Readers get a view of wolf pack dynamics, romance, and pack life.

Danger is coming. A new evil has come to town. They will need to dig deep and find their hidden strengths. Will the new pack be strong enough to survive an encounter with a new enemy, a lone hunter with beyond human strength?

A moon's law has come to pass. The Alpha Tao's pack is stronger together. Will the pack embrace the idea that a pack protects pack?

The story does have an HEA. All the scenes unfolded at a good or fast pace throughout the story. The setting was realistic. The story held together and characters' dialogues made sense. The setting was vivid. The sexual tension and chemistry between Charlotte Wills and Kane Martin was explosive. The steamy scenes were spicy.

Readers are in for romance, spicy scenes, drama, danger, action, and suspense. The story is well paced and well thought out. I was spellbound with Michelle Fox's vivid storytelling. I could not put the book down.

I give 5 stars for Moon's Law by Michelle Fox.


Book Blurb for Moon's Law

Once you've been bitten, there's no going back...

Kane Martin has a reputation as the tough-guy, sex-stud sheriff of Glen Vine, Michigan, but becoming a werewolf has rattled him. Forget partying, hooking up with girls and locking up the bad guys, he's got bigger problems. Like dealing with locals taking potshots at his pack and howling at the moon in his spare time....whether he wants to or not.

And there's this girl, Charlotte. She's totally not his type, but she smells so good, Kane's not sure he can resist.

Curvy Charlotte Wills was supposed to be getting engaged and finishing up a degree in library science, but instead she's been dumped and turned into a werewolf. In the middle of trying to get her life back on track, the last thing she needs is a distraction like Sheriff Kane Martin.

But life has a funny way of going sideways when you least expect it.

Especially when you're a werewolf.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00