Lone Wolfe Protector

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Lone Wolfe Protector

Wolfe Creek, #1

Don't miss out on Lone Wolfe Protector. It’s just awesome!

Sheriff's deputy Koda Wolfe is the responsible man that parents want you to marry. He's waited his whole life to find that special someone to share his life with. Wolfe Creek is full of his family history and he never thought of living somewhere else. His brother, Zane Wolfe always has problems especially with the law. Maggie Sullivan gets him doing things for her against his better judgment. What will they find?

Maggie Sullivan is obsessed with finding Aimee. Aimee disappeared a year ago on their trip to Wolfe Creek. Maggie’s heart won't let her go and rest. In this story, Maggie comes full circle and gets closure. Will she find more than she bargained for? Is Maggie's heart open for someone and thing else?

Danger lurks in this town of Wolfe Creek. Someone is watching. In a dream, the boogeyman or trouble has come calling. Beware!

Lone Wolfe Protector is an adventure and exciting to read. The author’s brilliant storytelling had me mesmerized from the start. The story sunk it claws into me and I had to finish it off. I was caught up in the fascinating and truly original storyline. The book was dead on with its romance, drama, action, danger, and suspense. The book plot was very well written and thought out. There was never a dull moment to be had and the sexual tension and chemistry between Maggie Sullivan and Koda Wolfe was hot. The story was great. The characters were believable and their dialogue was spot on. The pacing was right and everything seemed realistic. I could imagine driving through the town of Wolfe Creek or checking in at The Wolfe Creek Inn.

I give this book 4.5 stars and it is the first in a series that is sure to please.

Expect to be flipping pages as you head towards an HEA. I highly recommend this author.


Book Blurb for Lone Wolfe Protector

Maggie Sullivan is back in Wolfe Creek, determined to find out why her best friend vanished one fog-shrouded night a year ago.  But it quickly becomes clear that if the folks in the secluded mountain town know what happened to her friend, they aren't talking.

Seasoned sheriff's deputy Koda Wolfe reluctantly agrees to help this beautiful woman, even as he tries to convince her to leave for her own good. Soon he's compelled to protect Maggie from herself, his family's ancient curse, and a killer who could strike again.

The nights heat up in more ways than one as Maggie and Koda begin a fiery relationship.  But as they delve deeper into the disappearance, the eerie woods come alive with secrets bound to tear them apart. And someone is watching their every move.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50