Jade Crew: Fallen Bear

Ridgeback Bears, #7

Jade Crew: Fallen Bear deserves 5 stars and a WOW. This is a Top Pick all the way!

Bad boy Evan Mosier, bear shifter, from Genesis Valley has his own story to be told. He struggles with past anger issues and has trouble letting go of his tormented past. Will this reformed bad boy's angry soul be tempered by the love of a true mate? What changes will life bring him?

Female bear shifter Victoria Mackey is going to make changes in Evan's life. Their communication skills needs work. Where will this spicy hot attraction between true mates lead them? I see spicy fun in their future. Are you envious yet?

Beware! The final showdown is near. Will Luthor and his misled rogue shifters be on a rampage? Will the Jade Crew and allies be able to stop things before it's too late?

Read the story to find out more.

I finished reading the Jade Crew: Fallen Bear series finale quickly. Amelia Jade did another amazing job. I found this story to be fun and exciting read. I was truly caught up in the imaginative and original storyline. Readers get a romance with suspense, action and drama. The story was great and the characters' dialogues enhanced the story. The setting was realistic. I could imagine the final showdown or Evan and Victoria's whirlwind relationship. The chemistry between Evan and Victoria was consuming and spicy. I was able to revisit previous characters from the Jade Crew Series and meet new ones. I liked how all the characters and storylines fit together in this tale. I always enjoy reading books from this author. I highly recommend Jade Crew: Fallen Bear, Ridgeback Bears, Book 7 by Amelia Jade. There was never a dull moment while reading it. Read it to find out why.

I love the book cover! Evan is sexy!

Book Blurb for Jade Crew: Fallen Bear

The stunning final chapter in the Jade Crew series. Mysteries unravel as the invasion of Genesis Valley looms large.

Evan Mosier sits behind a row of metal bars, contemplating his life. He's used up more second chances than anyone should be entitled to. And yet he's about to be given one last chance to prove his worth to Genesis Valley. With things taking a dangerous, and deadly turn in Genesis Valley, the miners need every last friend they can get. Even one who used to work for the enemy. Now if only he can focus on helping to save the only people that will put up with him, and not being distracted by the fiery, hard-charging woman that was just thrown into the cell next to him.

Victoria Mackey is in need of a fresh start. All the people she's met in her travels have told her of a place called Genesis Valley. Well, she made it there, and was promptly thrown in jail. It isn't the first time she's been treated differently for being a female shifter, but it wasn't exactly the welcoming committee she expected. But when the man in the cell next to her insists that she be released alongside him to join his new crew, she can't help but wonder if it's a sign. It doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes.

Her newfound freedom isn't all it seems to be however, as Victoria finds herself caught in the midst of a looming conflict that threatens to destroy the Valley. Although she may be new to town, Victoria isn't about to let someone else destroy the place before she's gotten to know it. As things descend into turmoil, the new couple find themselves torn in different directions as the countdown to invasion expires. Can they overcome the evil machinations of one of the most powerful dragon shifters on the planet, or will their love be as brief as it is bright?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00