Jade Crew: Captive Bear

Ridgeback Bears Book 4

Jade Crew: Captive Bear deserves 5 stars and a WOW!

I finished reading Jade Crew: Captive Bear with amazement. Darren's story needed to be told. He paid dues for a crime that he didn't commit. Readers get to read how jealousy and enemies ruin lives?

Darren and Kierra don't have it easy but it pays off in the end. They have a hot romance and get a well-deserved HEA. I read the story in one sitting and will read it again. There was never a dull moment while reading this book cover to cover.

Amelia Jade did a great job with writing this shifter story. That’s nothing new. She writes compelling stories consistently. In this book she was able to blend past and present characters and events seamlessly. I found this to be a fun and exciting to read. I was caught up in the world she created. Readers get a paranormal romance with action, suspense, shifters, drama and family reunion.

I highly recommend Jade Crew: Captive Bear (A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Ridgeback Bears Book 4) by Amelia Jade. The story was awesome!

Book Blurb for Jade Crew: Captive Bear

Darren Shaw has no idea why he asked to be introduced to a woman whom he'd only seen through a crowd. Something about her called to him and to the primal instincts of his inner animal. Trying to convince his beast to obey the human rules of society, he went to meet her. Darren could walk into the fiercest conflict the Valley has ever seen without blinking, but when it comes to meeting the tall and curvaceous woman in front of him, all of his strength may be for naught.

Focus. It's what Kierra Valcke, mayoral candidate for Genesis Valley, needs to maintain. She cannot afford any ill press. Most of all, she absolutely must not allow herself to be seen fraternizing with any of the notorious miner bears. That certainly includes not being talked into a dinner date at the single upscale establishment in the entire town. That would destroy the campaign she's built upon the premise of removing the veil of secrecy from the mining consortium that all but owns the entire valley. So why did she just say yes to the gorgeous giant of a bear shifter who she's never met before? 

Neither of them can seem to abide by their own rules, and when the public discovers what Kierra's been up to, they may not be willing to forgive her choice. As she gets swept up in the mystery that surrounds Darren, his crew and the Valley as a whole, the pair are forced to test the limits to which they will go for each other, and for what they believe in.

Can they withstand the growing darkness as one, or will the emergence of a new player in the game thwart their desire for love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 5.00