Ice Moon

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Ice Moon

Taryn Goldstone (gifted psychic) has more than a few personal demons to slay. She is at the mercy of her emotions which is in conflict with her pyrokinesis. Her control is lacking and barely hanging on. She needs to gain control or her future could possibly end up in flames. Her past made her erect a personal barrier so high that very few people will ever attempt to breech it. Jared Ayers (sexy werewolf) is well within her reach and his wolf wants dibs. Could a lonely single mom like her get a HEA?

Finally, Jared Ayers has met his mate. She has no understanding of pack life or that werewolves exist. They both have secrets. Secrets from the past have a way of unraveling.

Beware of strangers with hidden agendas! Old enemies are closer then they think.

I started the series with book 5, the main characters are Taryn and Jared. Together they become a formidable force to be reckoned with. Jared provides her with love, time, patience, kindness and support. She later became a stronger, more focused woman, and a more loving mother. She was capable of personal growth and love. I didn't miss out from not reading books 1- 4 in the series. The author gave glimpses of the other characters from earlier books without losing focus on Taryn and Jared, Ice Moon.

Lisa Kessler gave the readers what they wanted in the story. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked on a new author. It deserves 5 stars because it's just awesome!

Book Blurb for Ice Moon

One touch and she is his...

Jared Ayers works outdoors, embracing a solitary life, hiding from his inner demons. But after so many of his Pack brothers have found their mates, he starts wondering if there might be a mate in his future too. His world turns upside down after he's hired by the "Ice Queen of Lake Tahoe". One touch is all it takes. One touch to send the wolf howling within...

A gifted psychic with pyrokinesis, Taryn Goldstone wields fire beyond her control- sometimes with dire consequences. With Jason, she discovers that some flames are meant for passion-and healing. She has enemies who covet her powerful gift, but they are about to learn just how far a wolf will go to protect his mate.

"Lisa Kessler is an up and coming author to remember!" - Sherrilyn Kenyon #1 NYT Bestselling Author

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 5.00