Hexing The Alpha

Hex My Heart, #1

Jake Monroe (werewolf alpha of Sweet Briar Hollow) and Witch Honor have danced around their attraction for years. A hex gone astray finally makes this sexy alpha give chase to his witch. Jake and Honor's lives are about to change. What ways could they help each other?

Talina Perkins really delivers to her readers what they are looking for in spicy paranormal romance novellas. I could imagine myself going to The Matchstick for a drink or Jake running up those stairs at the bar. It had descriptive details and fetching dialogues. The storylines were hot, intense, and fast paced. After being mates, Jake and Honor had romance, communication, chemistry, spicy moments and HEA.

Curious? Read the novella and get hooked on a awesome new series. Let your imagination go wolf!

Hexing the Alpha: Hex my Heart Series, Book 1 by Talina Perkins deserves 4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for Hexing The Alpha

Enjoy a sexy alpha werewolf romance while on the go!

What’s a witch to do when her love spell goes wrong and the sexy alpha werewolf of her dreams wants to mate?

When in trouble Honor followed a few rules: Never cry. Never play with magick unless you mean it, and always find a way to bend the High Council’s rules.

Unfortunately, her rules also had a way of stirring up more trouble. Desperate to save her bar and attached apartment from foreclosure, Honor has only one way to get the fast cash she needs—become a witch-for-hire and mix a love spell. Simple. Too bad both offenses were punishable by witch’s law. She had everything under control until the local drop dead sexy alpha shifter stalked in and overdosed on her potion.

In danger of being stripped of her powers, Honor must find a way to keep the werewolf alpha of Sweet Briar Hollow out of sight, and out of her bed, until the potion burns off. Driven by the witch’s code of never bending the free will of others, Honor tries just that.

Only she never took into account just how powerful the werewolf’s roguish grin and sexy blue eyes were or his devilish ways around a woman’s body.

Hex My Heart, werewolf erotic series, follows four coven sisters as they find true love through their misadventures with love spells gone wrong and a hex or two. Be warned, this series is smokin' hot!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50