Dark Side Of The Moon

Alien alpha werebear Mikel Taso wants a mate. Read to find out how far he'll travel to get one. Will they be able to find love from across the stars?

Veronica Maxwell life is turned upside down. She has the fighting instincts and inner strength to help her survive what's to come. Is Mikel good or bad for her health? Will she be able to adapt to a new planet so far from home?

Danger! What about the attacking shifters? Change is coming, good or bad. Be ready.

Read the story and discover why “Dark Side Of The Moon" is not to be missed!

Author Catherine Vale brings readers drama, romance and action in this sci-fi PNR. This tale is a hot and fun read. The story is well-plotted out, superb, and entertaining with an HEA. Vale writes original storylines.

Reading this book was a wonderful escape!

"Dark Side Of The Moon" by Catherine gets 4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for Dark Side Of The Moon

Veronica Maxwell has never fit in. Not into the cliques in high school, not even in her own family. Her mother was only concerned about her daughter gaining, and her father wasn’t much better. So she turned to martial arts as a way of venting out that anger, and that’s how she ended up in the ring, fighting her ass off, fired up and ready to compete.

Mikel Taso is used to fighting. He lives in a world of constant war; clans fighting clans and shifters fighting shifters. But when his clan is threatened by extinction, he knows he has no other choice but to abandon his planet for a thriving one: earth. And that’s how he came face to face with our kick-ass heroine, and the one woman he believes is his one true mate.

When these two fighters’ cross paths, it sets in motion a series of events that will not only test their will to survive against all odds, but to survive each other. And Veronica isn’t going down without a fight.

Note to Readers: This is a sexy were-bear paranormal shifter romance, featuring a curvy BBW heroine, alien sci-fi action, and one dominant alpha, who knows how to make a woman scream his name. If you love sci-fi paranormal romance with shifters and lots of action, this one is for you! This is a novel, free from cliffhangers.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.50