Dark Beast

Naughty Fairy Tales

Tormented Kieran Thomson currently has scars that run more than skin deep. He’s jaded and an extremely bitter man who is a beast. Will Josephine "Josie" Richmond be his last chance at redemption? Will they heal each other’s souls or tear each other apart?

Sometimes in order to appreciate life, you have to come full circle. To have lost something only to appreciate it more when it's gone. Time has come for them to bury the past to make a compromise and love again. Will they find their HEA?

Readers are to be amazed and fall in love with the two main characters. A great read to pass the time! It gets 4.5 stars and a Top Pick!

Book Blurb for Dark Beast

Scarred and bitter, all former soldier Kieran Thomson wants is a wife, a beautiful bride he can control and manipulate. And use for really hot sex. He isn’t supposed to fall for her. He isn’t supposed to actually care about her. He just wants to lock her up in a gilded cage and use her for his own pleasure. But when she finds a way past his barriers with her sensual touch, Kieran realizes he must either set her free or let her into his heart.

Despite being ignored and shunned by her family, Josephine Richmond is willing to protect them at any cost. Even if it means marrying a man she’s only just met. They say he’s a beast, scarred inside and out. She knows she should be afraid, she knows she should hate him for trapping her, but she can’t. Unable to resist her attraction to her husband, Josephine’s determined to make the marriage work. Especially when she has her own secret scars that only Kieran seems able to heal.

Be Warned: forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50