Big Sky County Book 5

Don't miss out on this awesome story! It is not to be missed!

This novella is sure to please. Connor Nolan-Delaney and Jennifer Nealon are the main characters in this story. They mix like oil and water but are a combustible couple with steamy scenes.

Connor Nolan-Delaney is a sexy cowboy that doesn't always know the right words to say especially to Jennifer Nealon. She feels for him and it goes beyond indifference or anger. How will they settle this blazing attraction? What does the future hold for them?

Readers are in for amazing chemistry, romance, sexual tension and suspense. A spicy story just waiting to be read! The story is well paced, well thought out, the setting was realistic, and had descriptive details. I could imagine Connor knocking over the condom's display at his sister's sex shop or his quickie in an elevator. This tale has a HEA.

I got hooked on Vanessa Devereaux's book. Be sure to not pass her up! It deserves 5 Stars!

Book Blurb for Connor

Jennifer Nealon went looking for a story for Big Sky County Magazine and boy did she find a good one. At the Grantsville Historical Society she stumbled upon a journal kept by Sarah Smith who was a mail order bride back in the late 1800s. Seems she not only loved her intended groom but his best friend too. Armed with that information, maybe she can blackmail Connor Nolan-Delaney into bidding on her at the upcoming Bachelorette auction.

How dare Jennifer, and a Nealon of all people, be the one to inform him about his ancestors’ scandalous ways. And how dare she know things that he doesn’t. Seems the only way to get back at her is to be downright snarky. However, that’s not what’s in his true nature and maybe who he thought was an enemy could actually be the woman destined to steal his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00