Claimed by the Bruin

Green Mountain Shifters Book 1

Libby Bishop’s Claimed by the Bruin is the first book in the Green Mountain Shifters series. I liked how all the characters fit together in a nicely woven tale. I found it to be a fun, quick read. The story was well paced and I was caught up in the storyline. I hope for a spin-off in this world that Bishop created. Readers are to expect romance, suspense, and drama. The main characters Ramsey and Mara were a spicy combination. There was never a dull moment while reading Claimed by the Bruin. Be warned that the book is only 33 pages and great for a quick read. It deserves four stars!

Bruin Clan politics are a tricky business. Mara Kane is fortunate enough to be that damsel in distress that Ramsey McGregor, a Bruin shifter, rescues. Read about their adventures in and out of bed. Find the wonders in being claimed by a Bruin. What will Mara find in order to avoid the Underhill family?

Book Blurb for Claimed by the Bruin

Shifter politics can be a real bitch.

Mara Kane is a twenty-six year old woman who happens to have bear blood. She can’t shift…yet. But that doesn’t stop Lee Underhill, an exiled bruin, from taking his revenge out on her. After all, it was her father who played the largest role in him being exiled from the Clan and Northeast pack. Lee’s demands are clear—if she isn’t married and mated to a bruin in her clan in three days, she has to marry the bastard’s son.

The hell with that.

Ramsey McGregor is the son of her Clan’s alpha, and one day he’ll take his father’s place. When he finds out what Lee is forcing on Mara, he, as well as her father and his, decide to do the only thing they can to keep her with them—marry her to him. No territorial council would ever dispute the union. But can he soothe Mara’s nerves enough to bring on a true mating? Or will the Clan have to fight Lee and his people to keep her with them?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00