Charming the Alphas

Hex My Heart, #5

Witch Marabelle Winters wants desperately to reclaim her lost powers at any cost. Without her powers, she lacks cohesion and makes reckless decisions. She pushes against being claimed by her mates. Will chaos follow? Read the story to find out what happens.

Readers get to find out what secrets her deceased dad has been hiding and glimpse into her second chance at life. It was hot, intense, and fast paced. I was entertained by the story!

Marabelle, Lucian and Zane have chemistry and steamy moments. They get a long waited HEA for the ménage couple. What a way to go!

Charming The Alphas: Hex my Heart Series, Book 5 by Talina Perkins deserves 4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for Charming the Alphas

One’s own death isn't the kind of thing a witch goes around planning, but after tonight, kicking the cauldron would be the easy way out.

Brutally stripped of her magick for helping a human friend with a love potion, Marabelle Winters has finally found a way to recover her preternatural powers. Tucked away in the pages of a centuries old tome in the High Council’s secret library, the spell calls for lethal and illegal ingredients that will reveal a secretive past and shed light on a future she never thought possible.

But first, she'll have to die.

As pack enforcers Lucian and Zane’s first instinct is to protect their sassy witch. Their second is to claim her. But before they can take her as their life mate, both alpha shifters have vowed to help Marabelle reclaim her powers. But, when the time comes, all three soon discover not everything is as it seems in the world of Magick. Shadows of evil taint their unity and Marabelle's destiny leads them into an unknown world where the ultimate battle between black magick, dragons, and shifters cross paths and could lead to another blood-drenched Witches and Weres war.

Hex My Heart, a werewolf erotic series, follows five coven sisters as they find true love through their misadventures with love spells gone wrong with a botched hex or two. Be warned, this series is smokin' hot!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50