Big Sky County Book 7

The contemporary, BBW, western romance is between Cash Doyle and Katy Nolan-Delaney. Katy had a lot of expectations regarding herself which collapsed like burst bubbles. She is feeling jealous of her brother, and his future growing family. Her relationship with Cash is progressing slowly. Somehow, she feels that life has passed her by.

The biggest problems in their relationship was lack of communication, insecurities and not enough trust. Cash is struggling with his own personal demons. He has secrets which he holds dear. He needs psychological counseling for post traumatic syndrome and survivor's guilt to come full circle. Will he let her in before it's too late?

Readers are in for amazing chemistry, romance, sexual tension and suspense. A spicy story just waiting to be read! The story is well paced and well thought out, the setting was realistic and had descriptive details. I could imagine Cash and Katy’s first passionate kiss or Katy discovering Cash's secrets. This tale has a HEA.

I read the novella quickly. I am hooked on Vanessa Devereaux's books. Be sure to not pass her up! Be sure to read this novella! Read to find out what happens. It deserves 5 Stars!

Book Blurb for Cash

Cash Doyle can describe himself in one word—broken. Broken psyche and broken body. There’s nothing he wants more than to get to know Katy Nolan-Delaney on a more intimate level, but there’s one thing stopping him and that’s fear.

Katy knows there’s something mysterious about Cash and that’s part of the attraction. What she can’t figure out is why he’s wanted to do nothing more than kiss her on the cheek each time they’ve been on a date.

Does he want to be just friends? Is he really a married man? And why does he insist on separate rooms on their trip to Vegas? Is Katy wasting her time on another man who’s going to break her heart?

And for Cash, will Katy be patient enough with him to let him heal before he springs his secret on her? Or will this seemingly perfect pair never get a chance to fall in love?

Be Warned: sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00