Blueblood Dragon

Genesis Valley Book 1

Beware! Danger and intrigue are always happening here. Bring it on!

I finished reading “Blueblood Dragon”, Genesis Valley: Book 1 by Amelia Jade with joy. She did another amazing job writing this story. I found it to be fun and exciting to read and was truly caught in the original storyline. Readers get a romance with suspense, drama and lots of action. The story was great. The characters' dialogues enhanced the story and the setting was realistic. I could imagine true mates, Ferro & Ana fight for their lives and others. The chemistry between Ferro and Ana was intense and hot. Read to find out how Ferro figures out ways to help others.

I finished the story quickly. “Blueblood Dragon”, Genesis Valley is a spin-off from the Jade Crew Series. I was able to revisit previous characters from the Jade Crew Series and meet new ones. I liked how all the characters and storylines fit together in a nicely woven tale. I always enjoy reading books from this author. I highly recommend “Blueblood Dragon”, Genesis Valley: Book 1 by Amelia Jade. This book will definitely be re-read again.

I love the book cover! Ferro is scrumptious.

This book deserves 4.5 stars and a WOW.

Book Blurb for Blueblood Dragon

Dragon shifter Ferro formed the Dragon Council to keep his kind in check. Now the Council has gone quiet, and chaos is returning. Ferro would prefer to stay uninvolved, but he has no choice and must seek them out.

As the father of all dragon shifters, Ferro has long since come to accept that he will live alone, as there are no other beings on the planet with a lifespan as long as his. Or so he thought…

Ana is on the run. A group of powerful shifters has been after her, and lately things are getting more intense and violent. She left civilization behind to keep innocent humans safe, but it didn’t work. Now she’s trapped in a small village in the middle of nowhere. It’s going to take a miracle for her to escape…

When Ferro drops from the sky, his intent is not to fall in love, but to save a shifter he saw in trouble. Surprises happen all the time, however, and the pair quickly realize they have more in common than just fighting the same mysterious enemy.

As they try to get to the bottom of everything, personalities clash, with the slow, methodical dragon shifter trying to tame the wild, unpredictable, and hard-charging woman.

The challenges they face seem insurmountable, their enemy unknown. But together, they might just return peace to their world.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50