Beyond My Dragon's Love

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Beyond My Dragon's Love

Dragon Blood Legacy 2

Who is Prince Landon Dracostar? Is he the disappointing playboy dragon shape shifter prince or does he yearn for more? He's burnt out on meaningless sex. His yearnings have lead him to earth. On Earth, things don't go as planned. He finds his eternal mate, fleeting bliss, betrayal...

Heather lies by omission, miscommunication and ultimate betrayal is hard for Prince Landon to let go of. Will he ever forgive her?

Beware! Some things are already set in motion against Prince Landon finding true happiness. Obsessed Princess Haley has harrowing plans for him? Who will help conspire against him? Who will rescue him?

Beyond My Dragon’s Love is awesome! I got caught up in the fascinating storyline. I was done quickly. Readers are in for amazing chemistry, sexual tension, danger, action, suspense and spicy scenes between Landon and Heather.

The story dialogues was spot on and intensely gripping at times. I was amazed by this story. Beyond My Dragon’s Love (Dragon Blood Legacy Series, Book 2) By P.T. Macias by far exceeded my expectations. It's well paced, the setting was realistic, and it had descriptive details. I could imagine myself being at Hell’s Night club or Heather coming to Prince Landon rescue.

You'll just have to read the novel to find out what happens next and you're in for an HEA.

Beyond My Dragon’s Love By P.T. Macias deserves 5 stars and a Top Pick!

Book Blurb for Beyond My Dragon's Love

The dragon roars, fumes, and blazes! He's tired of the dragonettes' deceit. The restless Prince takes a leave from his duties and journeys to the Earth realm in search of his mate.

Young, beautiful orbit engineer is forced to seduce the prince to hand over to the royal bitch, unknowingly betraying her mate. Her life takes a turn and she commits treason beyond her dragon's love.

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Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00