Bear His Bond

Wylde Den Two / Alaskan Den Men Book 9

Werebear Everett Wylde days as a player are numbered. His bear wants its mate, the wildlife veterinarian Pepper Cambridge. They make a spicy combination. Talina Perkins has blazed the heat level up a few notches in this story. She finds creative ways for the use of scarves and dessert. Readers will need a fan or an iced cold drink after reading it.

Will Pepper cure the mysterious illness that is attacking shifters? Why is it happening now? Change is coming, good or bad.

Read the story and discover why “Bear His Bond” is not to be missed!

Author Talina Perkins brings readers drama, romance, suspense and action in this PNR. This tale is a spicy and fun read. The story is well-plotted out, superb, entertaining with an HEA.

Talina Perkins writes original storylines. I look forward to reading more stories in Talina's “Wylde Den" sub series of the “Alaska Den Men” collection. Her next book Wylde Den Book 3: “Bear Their Secret” is Coming Soon! I’m also looking forward to more books in the “Alaskan Den Men” Collection. Each author writes in the same world, but the books are stand-alone.

Reading this book was a wonderful escape!

"Bear His Bond": Wylde Den #2 (Alaskan Den Men Book 9) by Talina Perkins gets 5 stars!

Book Blurb for Bear His Bond

Four Alaskan Werebear Dens, Twelve Shifter Happily Ever Afters…meet the Alaskan Den Men!

For Everett Wylde ‘mate’ is a four letter word, but when a Wylde bad boy falls, he falls hard.

Wild weekend sex in the backwoods of Alaska with the sexiest werebear shifter this side of the Arctic Circle made for an exceptional vacation for wildlife veterinarian Pepper Cambridge. Lured in with the promise of experiencing Alaska’s midnight sun and a challenge to discover what is making the local wildlife sick, Pepper doesn’t realize her three day fling has landed her in the middle of a territorial fight between Everett and a ferocious ice bear.

Everett had his entire life planned out. As an air rescue pilot and a professional climber that deals with year round tourists for Wylde Excursions, he has his pick of sexy women. More adventure is not what he needs and that includes finding a mate. But when a new doctor shows up with California sun-kissed skin and tempting sapphire eyes, he’s open to changing his playboy ways. Not only has he never seen someone as beautiful as Pepper, but when he stumbles upon a crime scene and gets a bullet in the leg for his troubles, he’ll find out how much his new lover really matters to him.

Everett’s plan turns on its head in a span of seconds and he’ll have to work fast to win his fated mate’s heart before she leaves his northern paradise forever. Flying her to new heights will be a pleasure, but fighting for the mate he never wanted could turn deadly.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00