Angels Of The Fallen: Book Of Samyaza

The Watchers Creed, #1

Get ready for another hot one! Most readers didn't grow up with this type of tale. You'll be reading a darker tale with a twist. Don't expect roses and rainbows while you read this one. In this story the heroine really deserved her HEA after all that has happened to her. This story has an awesome conclusion. Read it and find out why.

Beware! This story is not for the faint of heart. The hero, The Watcher, is a Fallen Angel without wings. Samyaza in this story has gone through Hell both literally and figuratively. His suffering and torment didn't turn him evil. He is given a second chance. He picks up the pieces when his mate is in danger.

Be prepared to find out that true evil such as Sorath Santanel the Dark Prince, comes in exceedingly sexy package. Read to find out his plans.

Readers are in for amazing chemistry, sexual tension, danger, action, suspense and spicy scenes. There are MM and MF sexual scenes found here. This paranormal romance's characters are demons, fallen angels, shapeshifters, angels, etc.

The story dialogues was spot on and intensely gripping at times. I was amazed by this story. It's well paced, the setting was realistic, and it had descriptive details. I could imagine myself being at Hell’s Night club with a supernatural escort or Samyaza coming to Crystal's rescue.

You'll just have to read the novel to find out what happens next and you're in for an HEA.

Angels of The Fallen: Book of Samyaza, The Watchers Creed 1 by P.T. Macias is not to be missed! It gets 4.5 stars!

Be on the lookout for P.T. Macias next book: Angels of The Fallen: Azazel: It's Time, Live on The Dark Side (The Watchers Book 2)!

Book Blurb for Angels Of The Fallen: Book Of Samyaza

The Watchers of humanity, the angels fall from heavenly grace. They must endure thousands of years of punishment waiting for forgiveness. There are evil forces that threaten humanity. Time is running out! Can the angels save the world from evil?

The Watcher- Angel Samyaza desire for women cost him God's heavenly favor. He disobeys God's decree and descends onto the world to mate.

God’s wrath is unforgiving. Samyaza along with the league of angels are chained and confined in eternal punishment.

Samyaza endures continuous penance and anguish for thousands of years until he’s given one chance to redeem himself. He’s given a test to gain heavenly grace.

A beautiful modern confident young woman falls into his path. Her soul and her heart are seized. Her world falls apart when she realizes that the myths are real.

The tribulations to gain forgiveness tests his strength, love, and soul. He finds salvation when he least expects it. Can Samyaza earn his favor, keep her at arm length, and keep his soul?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50