The Stephen King Companion

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The Stephen King Companion

Four Decades of Fear from the Master of Horror

I loved this book. There is no other way to describe what a book like this means to a Stephen King fan. This is the third iteration of this book, adding 1995 to 2015. He has written other books about the master of horror as well. This book is great because it starts off with Mr. King and his roots. Then it goes to his pre-Carrie days. It is hard to imagine the master of horror at this point in his life. Then it goes right into his classic novels. The author includes original titles, artwork, obituaries, pictures of limited edition signed books and even the fence outside of King's Maine house. There are interviews with actors and information that even I did not know.

I have been reading and collecting since I was 8 years old, and am a contributor in The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book. I was happy when I got to page 187 and The Shining Issue of TV Guide that I have saved in my collection was mentioned! That is why as a fan I really love this book. I can look through it, see what I have, and make a wishlist of what I want to get. This book also talks about the books that I have read and have not read so that I can pick which books I want to read next, or read what others thought about the book I just finished.

There is a chapter on his screenplays as well. The chapter I really liked was the chapter on cyberspace that included places for fans to go. The chronology of King's life was interesting because it showed in small snippets what was published and what awards he got after. There is also a critics chapter.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It gets a well deserved 5 stars and a Top Pick award.

Book Blurb for The Stephen King Companion

The Stephen King Companion is an authoritative look at horror author King's personal life and professional career, from Carrie to The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

King expert George Beahm, who has published extensively about Maine's main author, is your seasoned guide to the imaginative world of Stephen King, covering his varied and prodigious output: juvenalia, short fiction, limited edition books, bestselling novels, and film adaptations. The book is also profusely illustrated with nearly 200 photos, color illustrations by celebrated "Dark Tower" artist Michael Whelan, and black-and-white drawings by Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne.

Supplemented with interviews with friends, colleagues, and mentors who knew King well, this book looks at his formative years in Durham, when he began writing fiction as a young teen, his college years in the turbulent sixties, his struggles with early poverty, working full-time as an English teacher while writing part-time, the long road to the publication of his first novel, Carrie, and the dozens of bestselling books and major screen adaptations that followed.

For fans old and new, The Stephen King Companion is a comprehensive look at America's best-loved bogeyman.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 5.00