The Chocolate Falcon Fraud

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The Chocolate Falcon Fraud

A Chocoholic Mystery, #15

The Maltese Falcon has always made me wonder, so I was happy to get a chance to read a book about it, and chocolate. I LOVE my chocolate. I thought that there was no way the author could find more ways to talk about chocolate in the 15th book, I was wrong. I loved all the talk about chocolate and that the author brought back a character from early in the series. I was glad to see him back and want to read even more about him. He is like an old friend. I think this might be my favorite installment because it reminded me of two things from my past. The Falcon, and Jeff. I’m giving this a Top Pick score of 4.5.

Book Blurb for The Chocolate Falcon Fraud

From the bestselling author of The Chocolate Clown Corpse, it’s murder, my sweet, for a chocolatier whose love of old crime films plunges her into a real-life murder where the motives aren’t so black and white…

The Warner Pier tourism board is kicking off its Tough Guys and Private Eyes film festival with The Maltese Falcon, and Lee Woodyard and her Aunt Nettie are preparing a delicious chocolate noir tie-in at TenHuis Chocolade. What Lee isn’t prepared for is a face from the past: Jeff Godfrey, her former stepson. The last time Jeff showed up in town, he wound up being accused of murder. Now he says he’s only in Warner Pier to see Bogart on the big screen. Honest.

Jeff may now be a college grad, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less naïve than the kid Lee had to bail out of trouble earlier. There are all those strange phone calls, a girlfriend who’s secretly on Jeff’s tail, and a pack of suspicious-sounding acquaintances right out of Dashiell Hammett. Then Jeff goes missing, the Falcon theme is haunting everyone, and a body falls at Lee’s feet when she opens the front door – just like in the movie.

Now Lee is under deadline to rewrite the ending of a cunning killer’s increasingly convincing murder plot…

Includes Tasty Chocolate Trivia!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50