Scandal at Six

Lois Meade Mystery, #13

Scandal at Six is another great Lois Meade mystery. This book had reptiles in a store with insects. I had never read anything like this before. This book also had a zookeeper as a suspect. It seems like a mystery a teenage boy would like, but I liked it too. There were teatimes, English lingo, and bodies piling up. Lois has a way of being her "normal" self, which is her job of cleaning and all around nice lady. However she is also the type of person that cannot pass up a good mystery, even if her life may be in danger. She also does not give up until the case is solved. This mystery was good and it was a quick read for me. The ending with Cowgill made me laugh.

Book Blurb for Scandal at Six

Lois Meade has scrubbed her way through the homes in Long Farnden, and she’s not afraid of dusting cobwebs and killing a few bugs. But in her role as amateur sleuth, she’s learning that if there’s one thing to beware of, it’s a snake in the grass?

Spring has arrived in Long Farnden and with it, a mysterious infestation. Lois Meade’s daughter has found her village store overrun by insects and reptiles. And Lois has no time to stop and smell the roses, if she’s to stay one step ahead of the creepy crawlies.

As Lois looks into the invasion, she becomes embroiled in yet another ?ferretin’ case,” as her husband would say. Her investigation leads her to Robert Pettinson, a seemingly unhinged zookeeper, and his nephew. The two of them are knee-deep in illegal trade, and they don’t take kindly to Lois poking her nose into their business.

Lois enlists the help of her faithful cleaner Dot Nimmo and police inspector Hunter Cowgill to discover more about Pettinson and a suspicious death at the zoo. And death is in store for more people, if Lois doesn’t put the killer behind bars soon

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00