Lovecraft's Monsters

I LOVED this book. I love retellings, especially horror, and these were done in a great way. From sea creatures to demons there is a story for everyone. After I read this book I read the originals and I was very happy with the way this book was written. The illustrations were my favorite and I loved that they were the originals. I am glad that I did not read this book before bed!

Book Blurb for Lovecraft's Monsters

Prepare to meet the wicked progeny of the master of modern horror. In Lovecraft's Monsters, H. P. Lovecraft's most famous creations appear in all their terrifying glory. Each tale is a gripping new take on a classic Lovecraftian creature, and each is accompanied by an original illustration that captures the monsters' unique visage.

In the century since H. P. Lovecraft published his first story, the monstrosities that crawled out of his brain have become legend: the massive, tentacled Cthulhu, who lurks beneath the sea waiting for his moment to rise; the demon Sultan Azathoth, who lies babbling at the center of the universe, mad beyond imagining; the Deep Ones, who come to shore to breed with mortal men; and the unspeakably-evil Hastur, whose very name brings death. These creatures have been the nightmarish fuel for generations of horror writers and the inspiration for some of their greatest works.

Legions of Lovecraft fans continue to visit his bizarre landscapes and encounter his unrelenting monsters. Now join them in their journey...if you dare.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00