Long Knives

This is a legal thriller. There are twists, turns, murder and innocent victims that are thought to be the killer. I really liked the treasure maps, and the thrilling whodunit. I did not like that there was such a big cliffhanger, especially since this book was 490 pages. I did not read the first book and I definitely think that I should have before I read this one. I felt as though I was missing some character development. I liked the French characters, and even learned some new words!

Book Blurb for Long Knives

Three old friends race to clear Jenna's name and protect her from a killer on the loose in this whip-smart thriller of treasure maps, murder and law school politics.

Jenna James's new life as a law professor is going smoothly: she's well liked by her students, coupled-up with a handsome colleague, and on track for tenure. But everything changes in the blink of an eye when a young Italian law student who seeks her advice about a treasure map he's inherited winds up dead. Just like that, Jenna's quiet existence is turned upside down: she's now the prime suspect in a murder investigation and could lose it all. When everyone in her life starts to turn on her, Jenna will call in a favor from two old friends: former Marbury Marfan law partner Robert Tarza and odd-duck solo practitioner Oscar Quesana. The last time they all worked together it was to save Robert from being framed for murder, so if there's anyone who can help her now, it's them.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.00