Johnny Hangtime

Dan Gutman, what a great author! He has come up with great ideas for children that do not like typical children's books. My niece and I have read some of his books and we love them a lot.

I saw “Johnny Hangtime” and thought it would be great for boys. It has an interesting plot about trying to carry on your father's legend, but avoid death like he did. I liked Johnny and thought that he was a kid that had to go to school and readers could relate to him.

The sub-plot of how to make a movie was interesting as well. I also really liked the recap that the author did of the characters at the end.

Book Blurb for Johnny Hangtime

It's a bird, it's a plane—no, it's Johnny Hangtime! From New York Times bestselling author Dan Gutman comes an action-packed story of a stunt kid's daring escapades.

Jumping off the Empire State Building, fighting on the wing of a biplane, and parachuting onto the back of a horse are all in a day's work for thirteen-year-old Johnny Thyme, a stunt kid known in the movie business as Johnny Hangtime. But Johnny's phenomenal feats are a movie industry secret. Ricky Corvette, the superstar teen for whom Johnny doubles, wants his fans to think he does all his own stunts.

Johnny is devoted to repeating the career of his legendary stuntman father, but what's he going to do when his favorite director asks him to perform the super-dangerous stunt that killed his father? Will following in his daredevil dad's footsteps take him over the edge?

Age Level: 8 - 12 / Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00