Dead for a Spell

Bram Stoker Mystery, #2

Dead for a Spell is a different take on the Bram Stroker that I know from the past. I am a fan of Victorian romances and this book was set in the same era, 1881. There was the buzz of London, the theater goers, and a dead body. It’s everything a good historical mystery should be.

This great book is book two in the "Bram Stroker Mystery" series. I liked the storyline and I think that the characters are great. The novel is interesting and held my attention as I was watching the clues.

Book Blurb for Dead for a Spell

Bram Stoker, business manager for London’s Lyceum Theatre, is never surprised to find the supernatural waiting in the wings?especially when a chilling murder appears to have origins in the occult?

March 1881. The Lyceum is abuzz with the news that American actor Edwin Booth is going to be sharing the stage with their own Shakespearean star, Henry Irving. But stage manager Harry Rivers has other matters preoccupying him. One of the regular actresses has disappeared, and after a disturbing tarot card reading, Harry’s boss, Bram Stoker, is convinced that something wicked is coming their way.

When the poor girl’s body is found, Stoker’s suspicions prove to be founded?the murder scene is riddled with strange clues that Stoker recognizes as the trappings of an occult ritual. Someone is conjuring up a pernicious plot against cast and crew of the Lyceum, and if Harry doesn’t track down the slaying sorcerer quickly, it could spell disaster for those he holds dearest

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00