Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

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Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

Eli Paxton Mysteries

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof is a good mystery. From the beginning of the book when Eli was straight forward and resilient I knew that I was going to like him as a character.

I loved that this story had a cat as a character! The widow was interesting and she did not act like a normal widow, to me at least.

As the book went on Eli realized that he was getting deeper into the web of lies. Each lie added a layer of danger.

The end was good and I like how the cat ended up. This is a fast read that does not drag at all. It is perfect for a fun summer mystery.

I am giving this book a 4/5.

Book Blurb for Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

In the third Eli Paxton mystery, the search for a missing cat leads the private investigator into a web of intrigue involving murder and big drug money.

Hard-luck gumshoe Eli Paxton is hired to find a missing cat--a very important cat, it turns out, because its collar is studded with diamonds worth a small fortune. What starts as a routine search of animal shelters soon becomes a perilous journey through a murky underworld. The woman who hired Paxton is the wealthy widow of a recently murdered financial adviser with an alias and mobster ties.

Eli finds the cat, but not the collar. Eventually, he’s forced to unravel an intricate plot involving a Bolivian drug cartel. On top of all this, the temperamental widow is more likely to throw things at Eli than pay him for his services. 

As he turns up one clue after another, leading him ever deeper into a treacherous maze, Eli hopes, first, to survive, and then to make enough money to afford a new transmission for his broken-down car.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00