Betting on a God

1 Night Stand Series

I really like the 1NS, 1 Night Stand series! I have read a lot in the series, and I have never been disappointed. Madame Eve owns 1 Night Stand, a dating service. However Madame Eve has a sixth sense and knows exactly what couples are meant to be. The main characters can either sign themselves up or get signed up by someone else. Both Dion and Sadie signed themselves up. What I like is that each book is different. This book was no exception. I loved the paranormal twist, and I love casinos. The author did a great job of describing the casino, and I could hear the slot machines going off. It got suddenly very quiet when Sadie and Dion's eyes meet. I wonder what happens to the secondary characters? There were a few times that I chuckled, like when Dion talked about wine. I liked the ending, and can not wait for the next 1NS book I read! I am giving this book a 4.5.

Book Blurb for Betting on a God

Welcome to Mount Olympus, Sin City’s most opulent casino resort. Here you will be served the finest food, the most decadent wines, and every desire you crave. All provided for you by Dion Eliades, owner. And just like most things in Las Vegas, there is more to Mount Olympus and Dion than meets the eye.

After a thousand years, Dion, the Greek god of wine and merriment, is tired of playing human and wants to go home to Greece. That is, until he lays eyes on Sadie Flynn. Thanks to Madame Evangeline and 1Night Stand, this god is in for an adventure the likes of which he has never experienced. But only if Sadie agrees to bet on a god.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50