alt. Sherlock Holmes

New Visions of the Great Detective

This was a great way to read new books about a character that I love. I loved the new ideas, especially the different time periods. I also liked that Sherlock had different quirks then the original. However I did not like that Sherlock was a female in the first story. For me that was too far-fetched and took away from the historically accurate portrayals of Sherlock and Scotland Yard. I could just not get them to go together in my head. The second story is actually a great reference to Sherlock and the book "The Valley of Fear". The last story was interesting and I loved the setting. But Sherlock as a drug dealer? That was a bit too much for me. If I could rate these separately then the second story by Wyman would have a 5/5. The other two I am giving a 3/5 each. The book altogether is a 3.5/5.

Book Blurb for alt. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes as you’ve never seem him – or is it her? – before, as the Great Detective travels through time and across continents to master a set of three new mysteries.

A Study in Starlets, by Gini Koch

Sherlock Holmes and her partner Dr. John Watson have barely set up as consulting detectives in LA before Tinsel Town’s finest come calling. Joey Jackson and Tony Antonelli are in trouble: their partner, Cliff Camden, has disappeared without a trace on the eve of filming for a new show. The LAPD don’t care and Watson has his own reasons for wanting to stay out of it, but Holmes takes the case.

But she gets to work amidst neurotic actors, grumbling film crews and low-level sleaze that permeates LA, a fresh murder turns everything on its head...

The Case of the Tattooed Bride, by Jamie Wyman

Winter, and the Soggiorno Brothers’ Traveling Wonder Show has  pulled into its berth in Peru, Indiana. Sanford “Crash” Haus, proprietor and genius, and his friend, the retired soldier-turned-surgeon Jim “Dandy” Walker, are looking forward to a quiet few months. By happy coincidence, just as the Strong Man and the Tattooed Lady announce their betrothal, the Wonder Show’s old manager Professor Sylvestri – a minister, no less - rolls into town with his ward in tow.

Preparations for the happy day begin, but violence and misfortune attend on them...

Half There/All There, by Glen Mehn

Glen Mehn’s novella is a drug-fuelled descent into the experimental world of Warhol's Factory. Holmes and Watson are faced with a mystery unlike any other, set against the backdrop of social, cultural and racial issues that rocked society and brought about the fierce (and sometimes violent) changes  at the end of the swinging sixties...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 3.50