A Girl Walks Into a Bar

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A Girl Walks Into a Bar

Your Fantasy, Your Rules

This is a 5/5 Top Pick for me. It’s the perfect adventure story. I loved choose your own adventure books and this is an amazing adult version of that. I also love that these stories were different each time I read the book and I was the one making the decisions. The author did a great job mixing it up and I cannot wait to read it again. Depending on my mood, I might decide to leave the bar with that man.

Book Blurb for A Girl Walks Into a Bar

How will your night out end?

You make the rules.

You're at one of the hottest bars in town, all dressed up for a fabulous girls' night out with your best friend, when she cancels. What do you do now?

In this novel, YOU make the decisions.

Will you do body shots with a rock star? Cozy up to the hot bartender? Follow a mysterious woman to a rather unusual exhibition? Investigate a suave millionaire's box of tricks? Take a joyride with a buff bodyguard? Or maybe what you want is closer to home than you realize. . . .

So many options. . . . All you have to do is choose.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00