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Willful Child

Willful Child, #1

It would be so nice if this author could write a science fiction novel that would appeal to both male AND female readers. There ARE female readers who enjoy reading sci-fi – as well as female book reviewers. I love Star Trek but this particular ship had a very unlikable captain at the helm. I am not wasting my time with a book that has a main character that sees women only as sex objects or hireable only because they have big boobs. I grew disgusted with the pig-headed captain before I even got to chapter three. I understand the author was trying to satirize Star Trek and perhaps play on Captain Kirk's propensity for jumping everything female, but Captain Kirk at least acted with more sensitivity and romance towards his female crew rather than fantasizing about tearing their clothes off and throwing them to the floor.

Book Blurb for Willful Child

From the New York Times Bestselling author Steven Erikson comes a new science fiction novel of devil-may-care, near calamitous and downright chaotic adventures through the infinite vastness of interstellar space.

These are the voyages of the starship A.S.F. Willful Child. Its ongoing mission: to seek out strange new worlds on which to plant the Terran flag, to subjugate and if necessary obliterate new life-forms, to boldly blow the...

And so we join the not-terribly-bright but exceedingly cock-sure Captain Hadrian Sawback and his motley crew on board the Starship Willful Child for a series of devil-may-care, near-calamitous and downright chaotic adventures through ‘the infinite vastness of interstellar space.’

The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Malazan Book of the Fallen sequence has taken his lifelong passion for Star Trek and transformed it into a smart, inventive, and hugely entertaining spoof on the whole mankind-exploring-space-for-the-good-of-all-species-but-trashing-stuff-with-a-lot-of-high-tech-gadgets-along-the-way, overblown adventure. The result is an SF novel that deftly parodies the genre while also paying fond homage to it.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 2.50